„War on Wealth“

Infiltration at Spear‘s Wealth-Forum, London, 2016

(together with Peter Tränkle, Tine Milz and Fabian Gutscher and Sean Devlin (YesMan/ YesLab) and Tashi Sotrug) 

Spear‘s Wealth Forum at One George Street is an annually gathering of international lawyers, NGO-fundraising-responsables and assett managers connecting and trying to make deals, deals for and with UHN-people (Ultra-High-Networth-People). Projects below 500‘000.- are smiled at. We infiltrated the setting with fake idenity, pretending to have inherited a lot of money or working for people with a lot of money. We tried to integrate a new discourse. A discourse of empathy, that we, when finishing business, would meditate. In the end there was a minute of silence: „Because the wealth is really threated“

Thanks to Adrian Notz (Cabaret Voltaire) and Hayat Erdogan.

„People die of exposure“

Lecture-Performance/Performance/Performance, 2017, 21min


„People die of expure“ begins as regular lecture about being exposed as a single person talking to a public, it ends in the feeling of a group of being a little bit lost in face of a figure that wants to animate, cheer up and is horny on collective experience. In between there were statements about the role of the body while talking („lecturers come equipped with bodies“), that listening is a solidary moment and about possibilites of imaginative collective protests as well instructions for spontanous group exercises. 

Speaking, body and collectivty merged into one experimental setting about being exposed, vulnerability and awkwardness of single persons as well as group constellations.


Thanks to Tine Milz und Jimena Jugat 

„Studio (Clown 1.0)“

HD-Video, 2017, 05:24 min 

A clown practising in front of a mirror.


"The New Agency" 

social interventions (together with Margit de Säde), 2016

The New Agency has been providing guidance, maintenance and performance at Haus#99, Basel. The agency’s main mission is a "job-sculpting" - the art of matching inhabitants and visitors of the house at Neuweilerstrasse 99 to obscure tasks that are to be carried out around the house or in the neighbourhood. Be it holding flags, rolling carpets, dismantling wardrobes, delivering messages, pulling strings or any other desired

absurd labour - the work of the New Agency is both mundane and challenging, requiring it’s agents to play both detective and psychologist.

„Actually a clown should be here to help“

Performance, 2016, 19 min, ZHdK-MFA-DegreeShow

A clown wants to impress the audience. During setting his make-up, he was surprised by the arriving people, he puts himself under pressure, doing tricks for the people. But he turns away soon, "fuck you, I can entertain myself." As a sudden alternative a new role pops up: 'vision communication'. A seminar leader coaches the audience to speak speak frankly and open-hearted, initiates exercises, again and again he breaks in, turns away, begins to clean the windows. The insight towards the end: "I need you, you the audience, so nice that you are here. " A performance about needs of being on stage, the urge to train the audience in his role as audience and the intrusive rhetoric of authenticity.

„Meditation on pure gold (psychotropic gold refinement)

Performance, 2017, 90min,  African Studies Congress (University Basel) sowie Corner College (Zurich)

im Auftrag von knowbotiq (http://knowbotiq.net/psygold/)

The Psychotropic Gold Refining stimulates the body of the participants at the 7th European African Studies Conference with Golden Acupuncture, meditations on pure gold, and evaporations of Golden Viagra towards molecular and aphrodisiac transformations. In addition, a visual intervention on the large mosaic of Walter Eglin (1939 – 46) takes place on the façade of the Kollegienhauses of the Basel University. The boys are sent by their mothers out of the innocence of the Swiss landscape to university, in order to receive their philantropic initiation through knowledge and aesthetics. This intervention affects the canonized incarnation, the “Mission” of male, white boys with the libidinal commodity trading of gold.

„Welcome everybody. Welcome to dis–/connected. An ‚endless opening talk’“ 

Performance, 2016, Réunion Zurich 

The performance took place in the context of the exhibition "dis/connected: working relationships, Connecting Spaces Hong Kong - Zurich - 2013 - now". 

The opening speech reported on Connecting Spaces – a project context, exchange programme and exhibition space, which the ZHdK has been using for three years. The opening script reported about the strategy of the school, to act internationally, to develop new intercultural competences in of a globalized world and that the exhibition space will be located in a trendy, urban development relevant neighborhood. This official narrative the school - the text originated from an earlier storytelling workshop of the operators - became more and more intense in the course of the performance with a pompous, fervent,

and the pathetic role of a spokesman. The spokesmen touched his heart several times, stretched out his index finger dunnigly, repeatedly holding a bottle of champagne in the air, paused. While speaking, he hectically drank the bottle out, became

in the mixture with the nervousness quickly alcoholized, fluctuated, lost the text passage, dropped the leaves. Present, involved persons of the project were directly addressed and extremely emotional ("Patrick Müller [former director] what would

have been this project without you. Thank you so much."). He drove with a mobile podium across the room, stopped in front of a white wall, went confrontational close to the listener. He served champagne; in the speaker's imagination the mood in the room would have euphorized, an energy of liberated speaking and spread it out. The listeners remained calmly seated, a few smiled. "Contradictions, debates and provocations are welcome" was the title of a passage in the script.