Gabriel Flückiger 

„I‘ll perform for you (unannounced)“

2017, Degree Show, ZHdK 

Five Actors were given specific description of characters which they should enact during the opening. Cliché types like ‚hipster‘, ‚starlet‘ or ‚curator‘, but also figures that are rarely visible at an opening: ‚sad clown‘ and ‚angry guy‘. It began with a normal, unagitated interaction with guests, got more and more dominant and absurd. The hipster walks during the opening speech right across the whole hall, ‚sad clown‘ sits himself in front of a large painting, the curator holds a spontanous speech. The piece tried to question daily, often unconsciously performed roles, their edges and fragilities and it asked what sociality at an opening can mean. 

No visual documentation. 

Thanks to Stephan Stock, Michèle Breu, Sabine Fehr, Urs Humbel and Stephan Eberhard 

„A rose is a rose is (also) a tree“

2018, *Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil 

A political discussion was transformed into a scent. Traffics jams often dominate the impression of Neue Jonastrasse in Rapperswil in the evening. But lately, when city responsible presented a new traffic concept that also encompassed trees in the middle of the road as calming element, citizens opposed to that endevaour: too dangerous, too annoying. The newly formed Komitee ‚Rapperswil, der etwas andere Duft‘ takes advantage of this situation and says: we‘ll bring not trees but their scent into the city. Media Campaign, Billboards were launched in order to create the rumor. Together with parfumeur Andreas Wilhelm a scent was developed and spread around Neue Jonastrasse. City Councilor Furrer was interviewed by journalist, saying: "Nice idea, but Rapperswil doesn‘t smell bad." 

Video, Posters, Performance, Scent Maschine. 

This intervention was part of "Was in der Luft liegt. Aktionen und Performances zum Gerücht", a monthly series about rumors, curated by Josiane Imhasly. Thanks to Sandra Bühler, Samuel Braun, Andreas Wilhelm, Urs Lehni, Laura von Niederhäusern und Andreas Wagner

„Soleil / F12“

2017, FELIX, Köniz/Bern 

Billboards belong to a regular inventary of public spaces. „Soleil / F12“ – the title of the custom-made typology of the billboards – wanted to question this. The intervention testes the durability of the material and how processes of deformation take on new, aesthetic forms.

Still there are reminiscence of vandalism and destruction existing. This approximity led to an unplaned reaction by public works service which decided – without having spoken with the culture department of the city who was responsible for this art in public space programm – to take away the billboards. After weeks of deposition in the maintenance area and in an shared act together with the responsible persons the billboards were hung again. Additionally, dangerous spots – as the boss of the public works service department called them –were marked with red dots, this process became part of the new artistic work. 

FELIX was an art in public spheres project initiated and curated by Alain Jenzer


2014, Marmorkuchen

im Rahmen von LET IT, Réunion, Zürich

The official donor plaque of Kunsthalle Bern was reproduced as a marble cake. During sunday afternoon, somedays after the opening at Réunions show LET IT, the cake was offered to the public. 

„Optimo 4"

2012, Holcim-Zementsäcke, fiktives Kollektiv 

Projektraum Links, Galerie Duflon & Racz, Bern

For the centennial anniversary of the Swiss-based international Holcim group, portrait photographer Marco Grob and photographers David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier took pictures of employees and production plants around the World and presented these pictures in Fine Arts Museum Berne. None of the social or political implications of Holcim as global enterprise were reflected neither by the museum nor the photographers. Parallel to that institutional show over 1 000 kg cement were presented in a Bernese gallery.